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Dean & Rhys Fagan

Welcome to Northern Heads, the brainchild of brothers Dean and Rhys Fagan – a dynamic duo where Hollywood meets the darkrooms. Nestled in the robust heart of the North, these Mancunians are redefining the headshot game, infusing every shot with a blend of industrial grit and cutting-edge creativity.

Dean, with over a decade of treading the boards and gracing screens, knows the industry inside out. He's seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to headshots. Rhys, on the other side of the lens, brings an equal wealth of experience in photography and videography, making magic with light and shadow for just as long. Together, we're a powerhouse of industry insight and artistic flair, aiming to catapult your headshots into the spotlight.

At Northern Heads, we're not just about snapping a quick pic. We're about crafting a vibe, capturing the essence behind the expression, and telling the tale that your eyes hint at but your words leave untold. Our studio is where the raw energy of the North meets the sleek sheen of professional photography, creating headshots that are as much about personality as they are about precision.

But let's not forget – this is a ride, and we're here to make it as exhilarating as it is easy-going. Think less conveyor-belt photography and more collaborative art project, with plenty of laughs along the way. Because yes, we're serious about pushing the envelope and setting new benchmarks, but who says we can't have a bit of fun doing it?

So, if you're ready to step up your game with headshots that pack a punch and tell your story with a sprinkle of Northern charm and a whole lot of professional prowess, look no further. Dean and Rhys Fagan invite you to Northern Heads – where we're shooting stars, one headshot at a time, and having a blast while we do it. Let's make those headshots not just seen but remembered.

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